The Two Biggest Problems in the World Right Now

I watched the news yesterday and have been watching what's important in the Christian world of the West. As I understand it, the two biggest problems we're facing are:

1) A pretty and old stone building burning in France.

Apparently this is a big enough deal that Apple, and Louis Vitton have pledged to donate millions of dollars to help rebuild. Also apparently, the Roman Catholic Church's coffers are getting thin. I cant imagine why else these folks would offer to pitch in.

2) Women wearing tights is causing men to stumble.

Maybe this has been a thing for a while?


Whatever the case, it is definitely clear to me that racism, sexism, bigotry, war, and belief that it is God-ordained to have a president who grabs women where he shouldn't and brags about it, well these aren't really issues. Definitely not issues the church in the West should be concerned with.

I'm thinking the power and money structures the western church has built are working perfectly. Well done evangelicalism.


 Pardon me while I choose to not partake.