We Have no King but Caesar!

“We have no king but Caesar!” - John 19:15

When the disciples betray Jesus it’s horrifying.

When the high priest predicts and ultimately approves of His death, it’s horrifying.

When Peter denies Jesus three times, we feel his shame.

When the Jews hand Jesus over and ask for a robber to be released, it’s embarrassing.

When Pilate tries to release Jesus because he finds no fault in Him, but the people demand His crucifixion, I am already starting to be numb to the foolishness.

But when the people cry out, “We have no king but Caesar!” I just sort of lose it. Their oppressor—they declare allegiance to the one who oppressed them. The very one from whom they hope the messiah comes to rescue them, they declare to be their king.

And in the same breath they deny their God.

On the hand, they deny their God repeatedly, and I’m sure we do too in our idols and actions, but this is so over the top blatant, and embarrassing.

I just don’t really have a box for any of it. Other than to be reminded that we should conversely cry out, “We have no King but Jesus.”