You Can't Love God and Hate His Bride... But...

I've heard people say, on more than one occasion, "You can't love God and hate His bride."

They mean the church. You can't love God and hate His church. I'm in agreement with the premise. I am not, however, in agreement with how it is interpreted. God's people must be loved. If we don't love His people we don't love Him, plain and simple.

But you can love God and hate how his bride has forsaken itself for the sake of great programs, worldly fame, and vain glory.

Great programs run on time, they have flashy lights, and everyone smiles on stage no matter what.

Worldly fame tells the world how much better your Sunday service is than everyone else's. How many more places your missions department sends High School teens in florescent t-shirts than anyone else.

Vain glory says you're a big deal because of how many people you've attracted to your gatherings. Your teaching is so amusing you've won a book deal or three.

And suddenly you've forgotten what you're supposed to be about. It's okay to hate that.