Wonder and Information Uniquity

When I wonder about something—anything—I look it up. That’s the strange thing about the information we carry by way of devices in our pockets without wires. It doesn’t matter if I’m wondering what bird I’m looking at, how far it is from Denver to Cuba, or what movies Steve Martin has starred in. I don’t need to wait, I can know—this instant.

It occurred to me recently there are a lot of facts we used to all go look up, or ask someone who would know. How do you stain a cabinet made of a certain kind of wood veneer? YouTube tells me. Not my uncle Phil, or even my neighbor Steve who makes furniture for a living.

The problem is, results then rise higher and higher in the ranks and pretty soon everyone, everywhere in the world, stains cabinets all the same way. Or believes there are precisely 56.68 calories in an apple.

Information is now so available that I wonder if, or when, we’ll stop questioning it.

Never stop questioning it.