Kingdom Kingdom Kingdom Kingdom

There is a YouTube video of Steve Ballmer (the then CEO of Microsoft) standing on stange and slapping his hands together saying, “Developers developers developers developers.” It was amusing enough to have become a pretty big internet meme with a four minute song made in its honor (a catchy one at that). Ballmer is a weird dude, but he was right, for Microsoft, at that time, it was all about developers.

A lot of my time is spent fighting against the common theme in churches where they want to see their name glorified. They want eleven campuses of Blue Hill Community Church. They don’t want to plant 10 churches, they want 10 churches all in the same network so they can look out and say, “mine”.

But it isn’t theirs. It all belongs to the Lord. He is the only one with the right to look out and say, “mine”. We, as churches, or organizations, or whatever, need to be kingdom minded.

Kingdom kingdom kingdom kingdom. We were not created to glorify ourselves. We do not live for the glory of the name of our church network, or head pastor, or to prove our elders are the best. We exist to glorify the name of Jesus.

We have to think Kingdom. Always.

And often that means giving up control we never really had, but nonetheless desperately cling on to.