Manpower and the Glory of God

When we have a problem in the church or in missions or whatever we also have a solution. We throw more people at it. Enough people and we’ll solve world evangelism, enough hard work and we can get there.

We have a word for this - manpower.

This has to be at best hilarious to The Lord and a worst an offense to him. After all how often do we see manpower as the solution The Lord uses in the Bible?

When God wants to accomplish something often he first whittles the manpower down to near-negligible before using His way, which is something else entirely: God power.

The problem with manpower is the glory it brings to man. And the reason for whittling down to very little is to demonstrate Matthew 19:26, that what is impossible with man is possible with God.

How does this inform our desire to throw people, hardwork, labor, manpower at our spiritual problems?

If you need 500 wooden chairs built, having 500 people to help you build will definitely accomplish the task quicker than just one man. And maybe that’s all the solution you need (certainly many problems in the world can be solved this way). But in the Kingdom there is only one master carpenter with the skill to build the chairs necessary; with the variety, stability, and durability to suit the king for whom they’re being built.