Doing Evangelism Still Gets Me Excited—though perhaps for the wrong reasons...

I don't know if I actually like evangelism better than everything else I do (or better than most of it), or if it just fulfills something in my mind of what I think a person in my vocation should be doing. Is my doing it motivated by actual understanding of its inherent value? It does fire me up big time when I get to really tell someone about Jesus. Or is my doing evangelism primarily motivated by my desire to feel validated in the world or in the Lord's eyes?

Because if the latter, it's definitely a wrong motivation or at least one grounded in misunderstanding of the gospel. Not saying I should wait to get my motivations right to keep going about it. And I'm sure my motivations are somehow a combination of both, but it nonetheless makes me pause. Especially as I just had opportunity to share. And I'm pretty pumped pumped right now. 

Then again, getting the opportunity to tell someone about the only hope in this life and the next, getting to be a part of potentially changing their forever, that's no little deal.