I Shall Not Want. But I Do.

“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures. He leads me beside still waters.” - Psalm 23:1–2

Lord, what I want is green pastures and still waters. And I’m surrounded by cement.

Yesterday I layed down on green grass. It wasn’t much. But the sun did shine. And it was shockingly refreshing. And last week I ran by a river. It ain’t much. But here I’m wanting to wrestle with God over this and ask for it at least spiritually. But I realize both have physically happened in the last week.

For Priests to Honor the Lord

“And now, O priests, this command is for you. If you will not listen, if you will not take it to heart to give honor to my name, says the LORD of hosts, then I will send the curse upon you and I will curse your blessings. Indeed, I have already cursed them, because you do not lay it to heart.” - Malachi 2:1–2

My greatest fear in life might be that I would bring honor to the Lord and forget to do so for myself. It might be that I would advance the Lord’s Kingdom and be forgotten in history. Something I actually strive to live for, pray for, and seek actively after. But scares the hell out of me in reality.

Time to prepare my face for the dung pie. (See vs. 3).


It’s interesting that in order to be the kind of husband and dad that I need to be to my family, I can’t be as “productive” of a missionary as I’d like to be.

But that’s only because it’s so hard to get my head around my wife and children being my most important disciples. And it’s sadly difficult to remember that my service is first and foremost to my Lord, secondarily to my family, and a much distant third to my ministry.