Kingdom Institutions and Kingdom Legacies. The Kingdom of God, People. The Kingdom.

To piggyback off the last post, I spend a lot of time thinking about what it means to be Kingdom minded rather than world-minded, or worldly. It occurs to me that our seeking worldly ambition is really seeking a legacy in the world.

Our desires are often based around wanting to leave behind a institution which can be seen, felt, and remembered by the world. Churches want buildings that will last, or preachers want to leave behind a name for themselves. Organizations like my own seek to leave behind teams that will self-perpetuate in certain places so they can point at it and say with pride, "Look at what we've done. It's measurable by it's very physical presence in this world."

But if we're serious about the Kingdom, then the institutions we should care about are Kingdom institutions. And I suspect these are primarily people. Seeking a legacy isn't a bad thing; but it can be if misplaced in the world rather than the Kingdom. The institutions we are to desire to leave behind are God honoring Kingdom institutions. We are to have a Kingdom-view, not a world-view. But Kingdom institutions are less pretty in our measurements, and more difficult to show to our bosses with pride. They lack a physical tangible presence that can be easily pointed to, and seen by others, but they are nonetheless very real in the Kingdom of God.

More importantly, and perhaps most difficult for us to grasp, Kingdom legacies and institutions seldom stroke our pride or make us feel like we're accomplishing much for the Lord.