Attempting to Save Ourselves

"But he gave him no answer, not even to a single charge, so that the governor was greatly amazed." -Matthew 27:14

When Jesus stands condemned he does not attempt to save himself. He could, of course, have saved himself. But he chose not to act like it and the response from pilate was amazement. 

This makes me wonder how much we as believers know we cannot save ourselves yet we still live like we can. If we truly lived like we were unable to save ourselves our lives would probably characterized by something much different than self-righteousness. And would this not cause those around us to be amazed?

Ultimately everyone around us is trying to save themselves. Whether they are even aware they are in need of saving is of little importance, because they all are living like they're seeking justification. But are we trying to save ourselves too?

Why aren't more people amazed at the way we live our lives fearless at the coming judgement? We know who will justify us, and that the justification will be (already is) perfect, so how do we live it?