Preach the gospel to yourself daily, and since it's necessary, use words.

I've been blogging for a while now. In fact it's been over five years since this blog started. It's been interesting to think about all I've written, some good and some plainly not so. In fact, back when comments where enabled I recall at least one or two times where someone called me out for writing something blatantly void of the gospel.

I'm sittin here now thinking about how easy it still is for works-righteousness to seep in to my bones. The gospel has gotten deeper and deeper in there, yet my own foolishness still comes out. I'm still chewing on how much of a theme this is the Bible. The people know they need a savior. They see the Lord free them from slavery, provide wealth in livestock and gold, part waters, knock down walls, give them land and even wine. They see God win wars, slay giants, and heal diseases. And yet they turn to idols, or they seek life in the letter of the law itself. They forget the God that saved them. I forget the God that saved me. I wonder constantly about whether or not I have cleaned myself before Him instead of rejoicing that He has made me clean.

But I write at least in part to remind myself of my own foolishness and failure to see the Lord at work in my life. I write through scripture, seminary, and adoption (still waiting by the way) so I can look back at the faithfulness of the Lord despite my folly. But praise the Lord He is faithful even when I am faithless, helpless, worthless. This is to say, praise the Lord He is faithful always.

Praise the Lord He loves me. And as my friend reminded yesterday, above all praise the Lord my name is written in the book of life. Someday this will be but a distant memory of imperfection (a nice way of saying filthy sin and brokenness).

But until then, I pray I can keep my head up with my eyes on the prize, running balls-to-the-wall after His will. And I hope I have lots of opportunity to look back at when my eyes were distinctly elsewhere but the Savior of all creation still called me His own.