So Long as God has Put it Into Our Hands - Fraser

I'm reading Mountain Rain, by James O. Fraser's daughter.
“A little thing is a little thing,” Hudson Taylor said. “But faithfulness in a little thing is a great thing.” 
At this time, James wrote: “It has come home to me very forcibly of late that it matters little what the work is in which we are engaged so long as God has put it into our hands.” 
He continued: "The temptation I have often had to contend with is persistent under many forms: “If only I were in such and such a position” for example, “shouldn’t I be able to do a great work! Yes, I am only studying engineering at present, but when I am in training for missionary work things will be different and more helpful.” Or “I am just in preparation at present, taking Bible courses and so on, but when I get out to China my work will begin.” “Yes, I have left home now, but I am only on the voyage, you know; when I am really in China, I shall have a splendid chance of service.” Or, “Well, here in the Training Home, all my time must be given to language study—how can I do missionary work? But when I am settled down in my station and able to speak freely, opportunities will be unlimited!” etc., etc. It is all if and when. I believe the devil is fond of those conjunctions. ... The plain truth is that the Scriptures never teach us to wait for opportunities of service, but to serve in just the things that lie next to our hands. ... The Lord bids us work, watch and pray; but Satan suggests, wait until a good opportunity for working, watching, and praying presents itself—and needless to say, this opportunity is always in the future ... Since the things that lie in our immediate path have been ordered of God, who shall say that one kind of work is more important and sacred than another?”