Set Free for Freedom's Sake — for Goodness Sake (Gal 5:1)

"For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery." - Galatians 5:1

Last week I met a good buddy for lunch. He became a believer about 7 years ago, and then was involved with a cult for 5 years. Two years ago he left that cult through immense spiritual warfare (as you can imagine), married his girlfriend, got his life together and sought the Lord. He spent the first year out of that craziness telling me about how obvious it was that the church he used to be in was filled with lies.

Well when I met him last week he told me was considering going back. I was devastated... I love this guy. How can he go back to something he so clearly knew was wrong? I am reminded of the quotes I posted recently from the book "Out of Mormonism" where the author clearly states she was lured in to Mormonism because she stopped reading her Bible. And that's what my friend had done.

So for the last 7 days he and I have been reading through Galatians and I've been chewing specifically on this verse. Christ came to set us free. More specifically he set us free for the very specific purpose of freedom. How awesome is that?

And how foolish are we to return again to a yoke of slavery? In just mentioning this briefly to my friend yesterday he sort of laughed, "Yea," he said of his old church, "they have an absurd number of rules that don't seem Biblical at all." And they certainly aren't for freedom.

The longer I tell people about Jesus the more I'm convinced that one of the most significant ways we as believers are supposed to be different from the world around us is our lifestyle of freedom. We are supposed to be free indeed; that is, after all, why Christ set us free.

No one who is set free from prison runs immediately across the street to another prison and asks to be put back in the chains he's grown so accustomed to. And yet Christ releases us, and then we run back to enslavement because we're too foolish to stand up and dance, rejoicing in our liberty.