On Methodology

If you have to pick a method, pick one which enables you to leave at any time without adverse effects. The best model I know of for this leans heavily on the side of support. Support what already exists and focus immediately on raising up leaders under the leaders you're supporting. The next generation of leaders is of utmost importance, and calling people to focus on reproduction is never a bad call.

Lead leaders. Bless pastors. Encourage those already in ministry. If you feel called to plant your own church submit yourself to the authority of another pastor, and call others to do the same. In this you will knit together the church in an area, or in a country and begin to be a blessing to the church as a whole.

Methodology is of little importance. At the end of the day you will find you have to choose a "how". But I'm more and more convinced if you are consistently dependent on the Holy Spirit your method is of little importance. All of our methods are influenced by the fall. Some more than others — certainly. At the end of the day however, it's just a matter of how willing we are to allow the Holy Spirit to work through our foolishness. How much do we let Him in?

There is only one thing we can "do" which has nearly certain results, and that is to pray. Because prayer causes us to be dependent on the Holy Spirit. Prayer reminds us of our utter incompetence and desperate need for divine intervention in all we're doing. That's how we can be sure it is helpful.

If I were to write a history of what I've been learning over the last year or two it would be two or three pages on correct methodology, followed by one page of the Lord telling me my methodology will only ever be of secondary importance. The Holy Spirit. This alone is of primary importance.

To quote Ghoti Hook (in their brilliance)
"God god god god god god god
 God god god god god god god
God god god
Whoo hoo"