Best Books Ever

I moved my sidebar around a little bit, so the following will be a permanent feature. But I wanted to include a post about this.

The following are the books I wish I had written, they're are not just brilliant, but incredibly pointed, bold, and God honoring. They are all available free (except their Amazon Links), I've gotten them off of Google Books, or or elsewhere. The best I can tell they are all public domain books (if for some reason you think otherwise let me know, I'll just remove the link), and therefore you are also free to distribute them.

I'm a huge fan in a big way of all of these though I only posted briefly about each.

Do Not Say: The Church's Reasons for Neglecting the Heathen, by James Heywood Horsburgh.
A Serious Call to Missions
EPUB (iBooks), MOBI (Kindle), PDF, Amazon

This book is an in-your-face call to stop making excuses and just go!

Missionary Methods: St. Paul's or Ours, by Roland Allen.
A Missionary's (or minister's) Handbook
EPUB (iBooks), MOBI (Kindle), Amazon, Online

This is the book I wish I had read before entering the field. I knew most of what he had to say, but unfortunately I learned it the hard way. There are also some wonderful principles about preaching, evangelism, etc... which would be applicable to every Christian, but especially the minister.

Secret Power: The Secret of Success in Christian Life and Work, by D. L. Moody.
You NEED the Holy Spirit
EPUB (iBooks), MOBI (Kindle), Amazon

I mentioned before that this is the book Francis Chan tried to write about the Holy Spirit, but didn't. Moody nails it almost all the way through (the last 3-5 pages are a little weird). We need the Holy Spirit for just about everything as Christians, and yet we ignore it.

I pray these books are as big of a blessing to you as they were to me.