What Kind of Leadership Does It Take?

The other day in talking with a friend this discussion came up. It is admittedly a bit odd, but I wanted to write it down more for my own sake than anything.

Do you ever wonder about what kind of a leader it takes to do a certain thing? For example, and this is a terrible one, Saddam Hussein. Sometimes it seems like you just need a Saddam in order to run Iraq. No other kind of leader can do it. It has to be someone with an iron grip, and little or no morals. Does this mean you leave him in control just so things can stay somewhat under control (I recognize this is relative at best)?

Or what about the leader of our organization? Maybe our company has succeeded at mission as much as it has because we've had overpowering leaders. Maybe they were walking with the Lord but it was actually their faults or sins that lead to the growth we've seen, because the patterns they set in place allow for growth in numbers, but not necessarily success in the Lord's eyes.

What would you do if you were a leader of a large organization and you discovered that making changes in your organization to be more Christ-like meant that your organization would lose people? Shrink? Produce smaller numbers? Does the organization you work for have the balls to make such changes?

The real question boils down to what you or your organization are willing to sacrifice to be in Gods will.

I sometimes wonder if our organization is as "successful" as it is because it's not as holy as it could be.