Pride in Sharing the Gospel or, My Foolishness On Glorious Display

Recently I was sharing the gospel with a couple of church leaders at a church which was in pretty bad shape. Actually sharing is probably the wrong word, I was almost yelling to be perfectly honest. I had asked them their understanding of the gospel and they shared their explanation — all of which was correct, but completely lacking heart. FYI: if you can talk about how Jesus' death and resurrection affect your life without being moved by it, there is a good chance your church is in trouble.

Anyhow, there I am yelling that the gospel is supposed to be good news — the best news — not a drab story. Because its not about us, it's about how we can do absolutely nothing because it's already been done. I'm telling these pastors it's okay they feel like they aren't good enough because they genuinely aren't. But Christ is! And that's the good news. I rant for a while and I think what I said was encouraging.

So then I turn to my teammate and he looks at me and says, "That was awesome", and then I light up. "Man I'm good at preaching the gospel," I think! Oh my foolishness. I'm preaching the gospel one second, and truly believing it. Then the next second I'm denying it in my heart by thinking prideful thoughts. How can you (and by "you" clearly I mean "me") find pride in telling someone it's all about God instead of man?

There is no room for pride in the gospel, because the heart of the gospel message is our insufficiency. And the sufficiency of Christ alone.

I'm not sure I've been this embarrassed by anything I've done in ministry since I got a D in Gospels at seminary.

Thank goodness my foolishness is atoned for. Praise the Lord for the Gospel.