Middle Class Churches

"One of the reasons we have middle-class churches that are failing to reach working-class people is that we have middle-class leaders. And we have middle-class leaders because our expectations of what constitutes leadership and our training methods are middle-class. Indeed working class people only really get into leadership by effectively becoming middle class." - Total Church
Seminary costs a boatload of money. And then it uproots people, puts them in a place away from their ministry and "trains" them purely in an intellectual knowledge-transmission method. Then it ships people back home and is surprised when many find they are ill equipped.

What if we put doctors in school for 3 years with books and lectures and then put them in hospitals and gave them scalpels? Why does the medical industry better train their people than the Church?

The saddest part of all of this is that ministry training can and should be cheap. Jesus did it for very very little.