It is my hat! - C.S. Lewis ➙

Jack's clothes were a matter of complete indifference to him: he had an extraordinary knack of making a new suit look shabby the second time he wore it. One of his garments has passed into legend. It is said that Jack once took a guest for an early morning walk on the Magdalen College grounds, in Oxford, after a very wet night. Presently the guest brought his attention to a curious lump of cloth hanging on a bush. "That looks like my hat," said Jack; then, joyfully, "It is my hat." And, clapping the sodden mass on his head, he continued his walk.
I listened to the first part on the biography of C.S. Lewis on iTunes U where this was quoted. The professor that is lecturing from RTS recently passed away, but he was a great lecturer.

As a person who is rather indifferent to how I look, this gives me something to strive for. If you don't know, "Jack" was the name by which most of Clive Staples' close friends called him.