Is Leadership a Biblical Category? ➙

In Luke 20:26, Jesus is drawing a contrast with how the Gentiles led, and how he wants the church led. The Gentiles lorded it over people and saw exercising authority and controlling people (for the leader’s benefit!) the main thing in leadership. Jesus said: “Not so. That’s a wrong view of leadership. It will not be that way among you.”
. . .
The problem is not leadership, but bad leadership.
When someone who works for you sends you an article like this it might be time for some soul searching. Ha.

Edwards: Many Wo Men Well Actually, Through Lack of Knowledge, Do Great Harm ➙

The point is: see the vocations God has given you in your life as important and see people as important. And therefore be diligent in fulfilling your vocations and upgrading your skills so that you are actually doing good, and not thinking it is sufficient to merely intend to do good.

William Carey at 250 ➙

This is old, but I just now got to it in my Instapaper queue. Spectacular brief look in to the man who started a movement, and without whom I would probably not be doing what I do today.
Carey’s plan to evangelize India included a three-pronged approach: preach the gospel, translate the Bible, and establish schools. Proclamation, translation, education.
Which of these do we miss most today? Definitely the third.

Seminary, Sharing About Jesus, and Writing

Just got back from a seminary class. Interesting because it looks like it might be possible for me to graduate before Christmas and my return to the field (if it happens after, it wont be for several years). The trip was also interesting because I met so many people willing to talk about Jesus. One guy in particular who entered into a discussion with me at a bar in the airport (over beer—ha!) was very interesting. My discussions about Jesus in the field are always very different than in America. This guy grew up a Christian and knew what it meant to believe, but wrestles with doubt and modern "popular knowledge." But after discussing some philosophical hang-ups he eventually stopped me and admitted we dont really know about a lot of the scientific things, and at the end of the day the choice is one of faith. I was impressed by this, normally I have to be the one to make this transition and I don't always do so well, so I was shocked when he did it without me. Anyhow. He'll be reading some things I suggested and I've got hope for him that he'll sort through his salvation. The mere fact that was interested in wrestling with the truth of Jesus is always encouraging. My hope for my time home these many months was to get a lot more writing done. It looks like that will happen, but primarily with seminary and not here. I could use your prayers. An adoption, furlough, and seminary have turned out to be quite the line of expenses. The Lord has always provided generously and I've no reason to believe he wont continue to do so, but that doesn't mean I'm not uncomfortable.