Is God Good? (Part Four: Why Didn't Jesus Abolish Slavery?) ➙

A few weeks ago I subscribed to this blog in my RSS reader and I've been really enjoying it. For the most part it's very well-written book reviews about books of which I'd probably only read %50, but nonetheless it's been interesting.

This link points to a concise series on the goodness of God. Here's a sample:
How can we transform a corrupt and wicked system? Can we do it by forcing people to follow set rules and patterns? This almost never works. I don’t think many people would advocate slavery as an ethical system irregardless of their views on slavery for productivity or economical reasons. Yet, various forms of slavery have and do exist. It seems such tendencies of selfishness and ownership go hand in hand with human nature. And if this is the case–if slavery is a manifestation of unethical thoughts and desires within certain people–then the solution is to change those thoughts and desires. Would it be possible to transform the hearts of the masters to such an extent that they willingly set their slaves free? If so, this would be more efficient than forcing abolition.