Quotes from The Trellis and the Vine

"This is a revolutionary mind-shift: when we think about our people, it moves our focus to putting them first and building ministries around them. . . . But please note: this is a chaotic strategy—an inconvenient strategy. It takes time to train evangelists. It takes time for young evangelists to build their own ministries as they go about preaching the word. It will mean we will have to relinquish control of our programs for, as the gospel is preached, Christ will gather his people into all kinds of fellowships that may or may not fit into our neat structures."
Understanding that not everything we do in ministry is ours. In fact none of it is. It belongs to Christ. This is a ministry mind-shift. But it's shameful that it has to be.
"But our view of gospel work must be global as well as local: the goal isn't church growth (in the sense of our local church expanding in numbers, budget, church-plants and reputation) but gospel growth. If we train and send workers into new fields (both local and global), our local ministry might not grow numerically but the gospel will advance through these new ministers of the word."
(emphasis mine).
Both quotes are from a book by Colin Marshall and Tony Payne called The Trellis and the Vine: The Ministry Mind-Shift That Changes Everything