Not Every Day is a Good Day.

I had a frustrating day today. As usual these start with less sleep than I anticipated the night before. This leads into my sleeping in, which means I wake up around when my children do, which means I get little time alone with the Lord.

The morning then got better with some good focused time with the Lord later in the morning, and then getting to meet with a local who is mobilizing and sending the people of this country to bless the nations nearby. But then after lunch I went to go share about the love Jesus with a guy I've shared with many times and I began to get disappointed. My evangelistic efforts over the last 10 months have been depressing to say the least. I've shared with more people, more regularly than perhaps ever before. And I've seen no one accept the Lord. This friend told me he had decided to believe in his heart, but didn't know what it meant. He claims he wants to know more, but it seems he really doesn't; and it's depressing to see people look the most important thing in the world in the eye and turn it down.

As I walked away I then saw a parking attendant standing in front of a car in the middle of the road, and the car was driving at her trying to get her to move so it could get away. I was furious at this lady and went over and opened the door and demanded she get out. I then gathered all the people in the street around to watch and shame this lady for caring so little about the value of life. Maybe the parking attendant had cheated her, but that was no reason to threaten running her over.

Now I'm just ticked at the world.

I want to be calling people to a huge vision. I want to see people's lives and this city transformed, but more often than not all I see are sinful fallen people with no hope for this life or the one to come. And then I know my inability to share with each of them about the love of Christ, and apparently for my sharing to affect even one of them.

God have mercy on this place and these people.