Were Jonathan and David gay lovers? No. ➙

I recently stumbled upon this article on Jonathan and David and the nature of their relationship. I've been reading through the Samuels lately and I have to admit the language used throughout for their love for one another sounds strange in my context. This post does a pretty good analysis of the relationship and what it might mean. I love the intro where he says,
Anyway. How gay were David and Jonathan? Totally gay? Or just the normal gay? The vital importance of this question can *not* be overstated. If I can prove King David is gay, then all Christians will instantly stop being homophobic. True fact!
Ha! Even better is that the writer is an atheist, which makes his perspective that much more interesting. And his conclusion:
Jonathan and David: lovers? I reluctantly have to say that I don’t think that was the case. 
I sadly actually think this is a topic that probably needs to be addressed today because of the language used in the Bible for these two; and the fact that very few of us have any exposure to love between men that isn't sexual in nature. I wrote a story in college for a writing class I had about my friendship with several of my closest friends and our love for one another and all but one person in the class was convinced the story I was writing was about homosexual love — it wasn't. At all. But that's the world we live in, incapable of allowing men to express their appreciation and love for one another without an analysis like the one above.

At least I can agree with his conclusion.