The Seminary Bubble

If you graduate from seminary and become an Episcopal priest, the church almost certainly required that you get the degree, but there’s no guarantee that increasingly indifferent churchgoers won’t, at the drop of a hat, leave your church and move a few blocks down the street to attend a Pentecostal, charismatic or fundamentalist church led by a high school dropout with generous dollops of the gift of gab, no school loans and probably less overhead. Interestingly enough, statistics indicate that these less “professional” churches are growing and the top-heavy cousins are rapidly shrinking. (emphasis mine).
Worse, is there are a probably a number of seminaries where (in 90% or more of the classes) reading five well written books on the topic would do substantially more good than listening to the professor teach.

If you're called to seminary, please go. But by no means assume it's the default.