On Stetzer's blog: Charles Stone on 5 Ministry Killers and How to Defeat Them ➙

In ancillary research I discovered that the number one reason why pastors leave the ministry is their wife's unhappiness.
Our team was invited by a local pastor about a year ago to head to his church and put on a day-long seminar about healthy, God-honoring, family relationships. The people in the church were blessed by the seminar, but the bigger impact was the pastor's wife came to him after the seminar and said, "This is what your priorities are supposed to be? Why aren't you treating me like this?"

She didn't leave him, but she nearly did. He's looking at probably having to step down from ministry. I'm sad for him because I know ministry is his passion, and I know he's ridiculously gifted at it. But I also am shocked that it was completely at the expense of his wife and family.

While it has been hard on him and his family, many more pastors have since re-evaluated their relationships with their wives and family as a result. I wish the quote above was more a surprise to me.