Man Time

In about an hour and half I leave for the airport along with 17 other men and we're headed to the mountains for a weekend men's retreat. This means rising before the sunrise to hear a devotion led by a good friend, then we hit the trails. Then it means hiking, sweating, eating terrible food, and generally having a blast with wonderful friends who have given their lives to this country.

I'm stoked.

I have to say there is something strange about the way the Lord made men. And the way we act when we're all together and the need to be polite in front of women disappears. The poop jokes, and the fart noises included. Our Lord knew what he was doing when created gas. I'm not sure we understand, but I think He knew farting was funny when he created it.

I always thought that as I grew older and became more involved in things like ministry that fart jokes would stop being funny. That's not true at all. They're still every bit as funny to me now as when I was 10. The only difference is I've learned the many many situations where it is both inappropriate to make such jokes, and to laugh at them.

This weekend is no such occasion. And putting our guard down and being crazy men for four days is going to be a blast. Thank you Lord for your beautiful creation. And thank you for wonderful fellowship with men who love you with their whole hearts.