In Defense of the Christian Worldview

We live in a world where the only thing that is completely intolerable is the person who believes their view is better than others. You can like your shoes, your glasses, your computer, your friends etc... in fact you should like the things that you have chosen. However the moment you decide to tell others of your opinion you have crossed a line. If you tell people a Mac is more usable than a PC there will be a reaction. If you say a certain shoe brand is substantially better than another it is inappropriate. You are welcome to believe anything you want, but you are not welcome to share that belief unless directly asked about it.

But the problem is keeping your mouth shut is difficult. We inherently want to tell others that after we discovered this brand of shoes our back pain went away. Or after we switched optometrists our headaches ceased. When we find things positively change our lives it is difficult to not want to share that with others. We love our friends, and even those we don't love it seems deserve at least a nudging in the direction of a better life. A simpler life. A more pain-free life.

And this is the problem for the Christian. He genuinely believes that what he has found is better. He doesn't believe it is equally as good as Buddhism, he believes it's better. He doesn't believe it's equally as good as atheism. He believes it's better. He genuinely does. Maybe he's tried Buddhism, or maybe he hasn't, but he absolutely from the bottom of his heart believes that what he has found is the very best thing in the whole wide world. And the difference here is not that he found a shoe brand that takes away back pain. Because while that would be a wonderful thing to share with other people, at the end of the day if they should so choose to live with back pain it is just back pain after all. The difference with Christianity is the Christian believes what he has chosen has saved him out of eternal suffering. The fires of hell in the next life - yes. But also the vain striving for purpose, for meaning, for satisfaction in this life. The Christian sees everyone else around them seeking but not finding joy. The Christian genuinely believes he has found the solution. And that choosing something other than Jesus means damnation in the future, but also the utter absence of hope in this lifetime.

Thus the Christian is stuck.

But now it is important to discuss for a moment what is actually NOT the Christian worldview. For example hatred is not a Christian value. There are people out there who claim to be Christians and hate everyone around them who thinks differently then they do. But take note that this is not at all the Christian worldview. The Christian faith is absolutely, at its most fundamental, a religion of love. The Christian does believe that his view is exclusively the path to salvation, hope, love, life, satisfaction. The Christian believes that there is no hope at all for anyone outside of Jesus. But he should never hate the non-believer. Mourn them perhaps, even attempt to change their minds, or buy them coffee and sit quietly. But never hate.

The Bible is also very clear that while it is the Christian's job to tell people about Jesus, it is not the Christian's job to convert people.

I am an evangelist for a living. And at first when I started sharing about Jesus this wasn't something I really grasped. I believed so strongly that Jesus is the only way, it was hard to know when to shut-up and stop sharing. Sometimes people simply don't want to hear about Jesus and it is the job of the evangelist to understand when such a person is choosing to say no and then drop the issue. To love someone in sharing about Jesus is to share only as much as they are willing to hear. Yes - to stop short of Christ, Christ crucified, the resurrection, and salvation is hard, and it may well mean death for the person. It is, however, their choice to choose death. And it is not a rejection of the evangelist, but a rejection of Christ.

Christianity is absolutely, without question, a religion of love. It may lead the Christian to draw conclusions that certain things are wrong (abortion, homosexuality etc...), but it cannot (should not) lead the Christian to hate. Only to lovingly oppose - and sometimes knowing what that means is difficult. This is harder than it sounds in the world we live in. Tolerance would be a much easier path. Believing Jesus was not the only way would be much easier to believe because it would mean the Christian doesn't have to express his opinion of Jesus being superior in a world that doesn't want to receive such a message.

But a person who truly believes Jesus is the only way simply cannot do that.

The Christian believes that Jesus is the only way because he believes Jesus is God. And Jesus said He was the only way. The Christian then tells others about Jesus because he believes Jesus is not only the exclusive way, but also the BEST way. The Christian wants to tell you about Christianity because he believes his faith in Jesus Christ gave him an eternal hope he never previously experienced.

The Christian wants to tell you about Jesus because he genuinely believes this is the most loving thing on earth he can do.