Pray for unity among the churches in your city.
Pray for God's name to be glorified in your life, your family, your city, your country, and in all of His creation.
Pray for wisdom in your ministry in your city.
Pray for heaven to open above your city and the Holy Spirit to rain down revival.
Pray for hearts to be softened to the gospel.
Pray for the Lord to lead you to people ready to hear the truth of salvation.
Pray for more workers to go out in to the harvest.
Pray for your family to know the Lord, and for families in your city to be strengthened in Christ.
Pray for your government leaders to turn to the Lord and seek His Kingdom first so they may be wise in governing your nation, your province/state, and your city.
Pray for your city to be transformed to be more like the Kingdom of Heaven.
Pray for the unreached to have a witness of truth to reach them with the only message that can save.
Pray against complacency. Ask God for passion in yourself and His church.
Pray for your church to grow, expand, and radically change your community.
Pray that you'll know how to pray, and you'll seek the Lord more regularly in prayer.
Pray for missionaries everywhere to stand before their creator and awe His glory that they may believe in the value of what they're doing.
Pray for the persecuted believers to be strengthened supernaturally to stand up in the face of evil and glorify their creator.
Pray for Christians in public positions that they would be an example of Christ's humility and love to the world around them, and they would persevere in the faith.

This ought to get you started.