On Preaching

Preaching, it seems, is more and more recognized as really not all that important. Few of us can rememeber more than a handful of sermons which actually affected our lives. Which stuck with us for more than a day or two. Therefore, and because many pastors have realized this reality as well, we have diminished the importance of the role preaching should play in the church. It has become mere opportunity to be entertaining so the number of people attending the entertainment can be increased for the sake of our egos.

Instead it should be seen as an avenue for real life change. But how, when I've just stated that sermons don't stick with us, can it be an avenue for real life change? Clearly the answer is preaching is meant to be something very different from what we're used to.

Preaching founded on the spirit, bathed in prayer, toiled over with the help and counsel of others, and brought before the Lord as to bring Him and Him alone glory, that would be a different kind of preaching.

I don't know that it couldn't still fall in a twenty minute time slot. But I imagine it shakes peoples foundations substantially more than it makes them giggle. It makes them uncomfortable rather than sending them away with a few points to remember in an acronym.

When empowered by the Holy Spirit it would move the earth, the church, and the pews. In turn then shaking the people from their slumber and calling for action in a way no man, no joke, and no anticdote can. But only the Spirit. The Spirit of the Living God. You know, the All Powerful Creator? Yea. Him.

I think it's time we re-evaluate what preaching looks like in our church. And start shaking foundations. I imagine it will cost numbers at first but when it turns to real life change, how could people not be attracted to that?