How much does God bless? - Andrew Murray

"And yet God has blessed, just up to the measure and the zeal of His people. It is not for them to be content with this as a sign of HIs approval; but rather to say, If he has thus blessed our feeble efforts and prayers, what will He not do if we yield ourselves wholly to a life of intercession?" - Andrew Murray

God has been blessing the socks off the ministry we've been doing here. How should we respond? Be content with this as a sign of God's approval of what we're doing? Or respond by praying bigger, crazier, more specific, more faith-filled prayers?

I submit the latter.

God has blessed us "Just up to the measure and the zeal of HIs people." Lets pray with more zeal, in larger measure. The borders of the Kingdom of God are ready to be expanded. When we pray the Lord does what it takes to expand them. There are very few called to full time ministry. Everyone is called to ministry of some sort, however, and the one ministry that anyone can be a part of (even without experience) is prayer.

Prayer should not be looked at a second-rate ministry either, but as a first-rate ministry. The foundation on which all else relies. Pray, because if you should stop, those of us who depend on the transforming power of God will grow weak, lose faith, and fail. Pray, because if you do, we will be strengthened. Preach the gospel more clearly, and bring the Kingdom of God.