Turn to Him with your whole mind and being (Deut 30:10b)

"But you must turn to him with your whole mind and being." - Deuteronomy 30:10b (NET)

It's strange to think just how easy it is for me to get caught up in ministry. I love ministry. I love sharing the gospel. I love trying to raise up leaders. I love trying to plant churches. It gets me so pumped up it's ridiculous. Sadly, often times what gets me excited is the strategy of it all. I feel like I'm playing RISK on a team I know will win, but I get to move the pieces. I feel like the Lord is choosing to use me to align things in the right places and make wise decisions.

Which is true.

But if that's all I do then I miss the point of life. I'm thinking about a cheesy Michael W. Smith song from forever ago "The main thing in life, is keeping the Main Thing the main thing." I have to turn to Him with my whole mind and being. Not be focused on the goal of church planting. Or city transformation. Those are fine goals, but my WHOLE mind and my WHOLE being are to be on Jesus.

This should be a reminder for me that going a week without a quiet time - even if I see unbelievable things happen in ministry - is unacceptable. I NEED to be loving my Creator. He can do without me strategizing for this city. But I cannot do without Him. At the center. Of everything.

Most of the time in life it's money, or fame, or pride, or whatever, that takes us away from Jesus. But it's almost even more sad when ministry is what keeps me from rendering my whole mind and being to the only one who deserves it. Even worse is how common the problem is.