Why is the meaning of life?

Frequently when sharing my faith I begin by asking people if the have any idea what the meaning of life is. It never occurred to me (until today) that the question of why is equally as important. Why does it matter at all what the meaning of life is? Why does it matter that there even BE a meaning of life.

In fact in a non-Christian worldview there is little reason to have a meaning of life. If there is no eternity. If there is no creator worth knowing then it doesn't matter what you do. No legacy you leave behind is worth anything more than dust. No children that you love will be affected any differently in the long term than children you beat or hate. In the end everything is utter meaningless. Even horrific pain in this life is merely temporal. Something to return to the dust. So it matters not your reason for living.

The 'what' becomes utterly meaningless without the 'why' and the only reason to pursue the why is having something bigger to live for. Because we are beloved creations of a magnificent creator who is glorified in our satisfaction, therefore it is significant that we understand the 'what' of the meaning of life. Because life is eternal (either in damnation or The Kingdom of God) it matters what we do in this life. It matters that we know. That we seek to find the answer to the meaning of life.

So next time you're sharing. Or someone asks you "What is the meaning of life?" Unless they believe in something your answering the question is pointless. And showing them this well help them to understand that there simply MUST be something greater out there. Otherwise death is a much more swift solution. Drugs are much more comfortable solution. And meaningless, unsatisfying sex is a much more wise solution.

The meaning of life is absolutely insignificant if you don't have a reason to pursue finding it. Only with something greater than this life, greater than this earth, is there meaning to this life. And only via that understanding should anyone care to attempt to answer the question of 'what'.