Praying for Missionaries (Andrew Murray)

Some excerpts from Andrew Murray's "The Secret of Intercession."
It is when Christians cease from looking for help in external union, and aim at all being bound together to the throne of God by an unceasing devotion to Jesus Christ, and an unceasing continuance in supplication for the power of God's Spirit, that the Church will put on her beautiful garments, and put on her strength too, and overcome the world.
And then later in talking about intercession for missionaries,
Pray for the missionaries, that the Christ-life may be clear and strong, that they may be men of prayer and filled with Love, in whom the power of the spiritual life is made manifest.
Pray for the native Christians, that they may know the glory of the mystery among the heathen, Christ in them the hope of glory.
Pray for the baptism classes, and all the pupils in schools, that the teaching of God's Word may be in power. Pray specifically for the native pastors and evangelists, that the Holy Spirit may fill them to be witnesses for Christ among their fellow-countrymen.
Pray, above all, for the Church of Christ, that it may be lifted out of its indifference, and that every believer may be brought to understand the one object of his life is to help to make Christ King on the earth.
Bold emphasis mine.

Please be joining me in prayer. The biggest, baddest, strongest, meanest, most significant tool in our belt is prayer. Because our own strength is painfully weak, but in calling on the power of the Almighty, well.... anything can happen.