On the fragility of the human mind

I'm dwelling a bit this week on the frailty of the human mind. It seems we're all a little too close to going over the deep end. In fact a friend of mine just yesterday wrote me to threaten 'bloodshed' on the church where he's been for the past fews to repay what he sees as "hypocrisy."

We're all hypocrites at least in some way shape or form. We all deserve death. But I'm nonetheless confused by a good friend passing over from 'humble servant of the Lord' to 'judge.' And it began for him with depression. Something I've certainly known. Why did the Lord make us so mentally incompetent?

I feel like I'm willing to give up my sin to the Lord. But my mental well being? Well, I'd prefer to keep that in shape by running a lot. I'd rather avoid pills but I'd probably give those a shot before trusting the Lord to help me. Now I'm not bashing on depression meds. Just thinking about how common they are. How in need of the Lord we are in our mental health. Fascinating to me just how fragile we are.

I fear losing it altogether less right now than I do sometimes. But certainly having a focus and direction which I believe to be for the Kingdom of God helps. When I'm directionless I'm most fragile.

Do you feel you have it all together? Do you feel you're teetering on the edge of sanity? Is the Lord holding you together, but often seemingly just barely? Just curious if I'm alone.