The utter filth of our sin. And how we gloss over it.

"I'll never know how much it cost to see my sins upon that cross." - Tim Hughes

One of the great advantages of a lamb sacrifice for the average person was seeing the blood of the lamb pour down. Watching a lamb die by having it's throat cut, watching the blood spurt out of the side of the animal in beat with the heart until there was nothing left - this, I will argue, was good for man.

One of the most common sins in the world (today as well as in history) is pride. I speak from experience. Four years ago I did a 40 day fast praying for the Lord to reveal to me three thigns. I prayed and prayed and obstained from any food and over a month later had: "pride," "pride" and "pride." Now pride would be a lot less prevelent of a problem if we didn't think so little of our sin and so much of righteousness. We begin to think our sins really aren't that big of a deal, and we forget what Christ had to go through on the cross in order for us to be made clean. It was no little sacrifice. Seeing "The Passion of the Christ" was a bit of an eye opener for a week or two until we forgot about it; wrote it off as actors. But I imagine seeing a lamb slain in front of me, trying not to vomit at the horror of it, would be an excellent reminder to me of what my sin costs.

If I had been there and watched my Lord be nailed to a cross, if I had watched Him suffer and die, I imagine I would weigh my sins more heavily.

The truth is that little itty bitty sin in our lives - ignoring the screaming child in the distance, or the begging man at the stoplight. Or even lying to our daughters over something small about which they'll never know the difference. These are serious sins. Because even a sin this small is enough to separate us from God. It doesn't separate us from His love, but from a relationship with Him. Our littlest sin was not little.

I heard a story about an American pastor who took a lamb into church and slit its throat and let the blood run down on him and get everywhere just like it would have pre-Jesus. Obviously animal rights people were not pleased with this, and I imagine many in his congregation were permanently scarred. But I also imagine it had a deep lasting impact on people. Making them realize the filth of their sin, and what it takes to to atone for that sin.

Praise God for the Great Lamb who was slain so our sins can be taken away. Praise the Lord for the blood that flowed from Jesus' head, hands, side, and feet. Praise Him because He gave up His son in a horrible terrible death to do what it took to cover over the sins we think are no big deal. Because He loved us enough to give His son for things we think trivial.

Praise Him.