Good as the enemy of the best spit out this:

Every respectable Pharisee proves the truth of the saying that ‘the good is the enemy of the best.’‥Christ insists that we shall not be content with a second-best, though it be good.
[1912 J. Kelman Thoughts on Things Eternal 108]

‘The good’, runs the old aphorism, ‘is the enemy of the best.’ Nowhere is this better exemplified than in connection with self-deceit.
[1939 R. A. Habas Morals for Moderns vii.]

The first one here is not at all what I'm going for. I think many times we are to be content with the second best - even if it's not good. Sometimes second best is our lot.

This second one I'm just not sure I understand.

I read this phrase "The good is often the enemy of the best" in relationship to getting our priorities straight in a book on James O. Fraser (brilliant dude if you haven't googled him). In his young years as a missionary he was sorting through where to be spending his time. I found this particularly interesting because it's something that I frequently struggle with.

Recently I feel the Lord has led me to drop certain things I do. I've wrestled with Him over it though because I feel these things are 'good' and therefore are probably worth my time. But this phrase struck me today, because it occurs to me that sometimes what is 'good' is the enemy of what is 'best' - particularly when those things become a distraction.

Now I'm not saying never watch TV again because it would be better for you to be reading your Bible. While there may be some of you who are called to drop your entertainment because it has led you away from the Lord, I doubt this is the driving concern with most of you. For me this means I need to drop some of the worthlessness I do online because it is a distraction away from where the Lord has called me when I'm on my computer. Sometimes I need to be focused on email or work, but often I need to be away from computer altogether, reading for school or something.

Often I get caught up in stupidity. And because it is 'good' I'm distracted from where the Lord wants me in what is 'best.'

What 'good' in your life has become the enemy of what you could be doing that would be 'best'?