On assaulting an armed fortress

When I was in Junior High School my father worked for the American Embassy abroad. Over four years we were stationed at two different embassies and both were markedly different. The second was simply a six story building on a busy road, but the first was a quarter mile fortress isolated from everything around it with huge walls and gates.

While at this first embassy, I heard a story that a Marine had thought he found a hole in the security and so he snuck out, dressed up, and snuck in to prove that it could be done relatively easily. I don't know if the story is true, but I do know that ever since then I've always wanted the opportunity to sit outside a fortress and strategically think through how to breach it Mission Impossible style.

This morning I'm thinking about this as I'm only two weeks away from my new job of trying to reach a whole city. I've been thinking for a year and half about how on earth a group of 5 men have any hope of reaching millions. I've mentioned before that we simply don't without serious intervention from the Lord. So we've decided to make prayer the center of what we're doing.

I see prayer as sitting at a table with the Lord, the fortress before us, and strategically planning with Him how we're going to attack, breach the city and take it in His name.

I'm excited.