invincibility (this post will have little to nothing to do with the title)

I feel overdue for an opus of any kind. It's been months, even over a year since I've written regularly on this blog (I've been active as can be on and my twitter) and I think there are a number of reasons.

1. I locked myself into a form I thought useful but ultimately restricted me so much I burned out on it and then stopped writing. That is, I took a verse and wrote about it. Something I still wish I was doing regularly and so I haven't changed the format of the blog dramatically because I like it so much, but it just isn't happening.

2. I was wrapped up in fame and glory. I love to write and one of my biggest motivations for writing is the hope that others will read it. This, in itself, is not anything shocking or even bad I don't think, but it can become an idol and was for a long time. The good thing about said idol was it got me writing, and writing, and writing. The bad thing was my content began to suffer as a result of my motivations.

3. Insert other reason here. Time, motivation, etc...

Life is good right now. We're on the cusp of moving to another city in this great land and starting a ministry there. Everything you can imagine from church planting to young professional ministry. I'm unofficially leading this team at this point and I'm pretty excited about the things we'll get to do.

Thinking about starting a new ministry in a new place has me dwelling a lot on philosophy of ministry. I love the idea of having a city of several million as a target goal for a ministry. I love thinking through how we're going to reach that many people, thinking through the resources we have and the plan the Lord has.

Bottom line: I cannot believe I get paid to think about how to forcefully advance the Kingdom of God and put it into action.

I friggin love my job.

And the only thing I can imagine ever leaving this field for is to teach others what I've learned and hope somehow that can help them to be effective in the field. Can you imagine a scope bigger than millions?

I can. Billions.

How do you reach billions?
Educate the millions.

At least thats my plan. But I can't educate until I have experience. I want to plant absurd amount of churches, and reach ridiculous numbers of people for the Kingdom. I want to hear about what the movement is doing and find it difficult to believe because God is at work.

How do you do that?

I believe there are a number of things we can do strategically to reach a city, but I think the two primary things are prayer and evangelism. Really prayer is enough. If we're praying our brains out for the city then in our time wrestling with the Lord we'll learn His heart for the city. We'll be begging for Him to soften people's hearts and He'll do it, because that is His heart.

If we're really praying we'll be doing evangelism out of the passion for the Lord we're finding in prayer. We'll be entering into the battle in a profound way and not messing around. I want our people to be praying the way the devil thinks.

That is, if the devil says sickness, then we pray for health. If the devil says death, we pray for life. If the devil says lost, we pray saved. If the devil says money is god, we pray they would know the one true God.

Our plan at this point is for the few couples that are starting out on this team to gather together daily for an hour of prayer (this is outside of our personal time) so that prayer becomes the foundation on which the ministry is built. We can have great strategy, great hopes, great resources, great plans, great everything, but if we are not following after the Father's heart we wont get anywhere. Prayer will lead us to His heart.

Then we'll be doing evangelism personally and teaching the believer's we already have connection with to passionately pray and evangelize. If we truly believe that this one God, our God, is the absolute only thing that can satisfy then we will preach His name is a powerful way. I'm excited to be a part of that.

I'm excited to call others to that.

I'm excited to see where my ideas stand and fall. And I am excited to see God do things before my very eyes that I do not believe.

We worship the almighty, awesome, creator of the universe. He can save. He does save. And he will save. I get paid to be a part of that. I cant believe I get paid to do this.