I'm learning

My prayer life alone wont sustain me. I've known time in the word alone doesn't sustain me, but this is sort of new for me. My prayer life has been really quite nice lately, but I'm not getting anything from my time in the word... I'm slowly starving... and it's rough.

On another note my PhD was knocked down to an MA locally. Turns out there is a law... yea... a law... that says a foreigners cannot do an MA and PhD tied together unless the course of study is medicine. Seeing as how I'm studying Christianity turns out I cant do it. I was pretty bummed. But you win some you lose some. An MA is still a degree, although it puts me about 4 years further from being able to teach....

The necessity of prayer in ministry.

I'm increasingly convinced that the secret to ministry is prayer and
evangelism. But primarily prayer trumping all things because in prayer
we are seeking the Lord and seeking his heart. We will be doing
evangelism amongst other things and our ministry will begin to look
more and more like God. We will daily be reminded of our dependence on
him and that is success in ministry dependance on God in all things.