Thinking about missions theory

I'm still in the field. Albeit on a nice 2 month furlough to have another baby. But still very far from my motherland in America. The longer I'm in the field and doing ministry the more I think about how much I would love to teach missions at a seminary level. I've been pursuing my MDiv (I'm a depressing less-than-half-way through) but still making progress and not having to leave the field, which is my passion still.

Whenever I think abut what I'd like to teach someday (you know in like 15 years when I finally finish a PhD) I keep going back to missions but getting stuck on the idea of teaching missions history - a topic I'm interested in but would hate teaching. I'm much more interested in the theory. But then I'm realizing that theory is a field in itself. And now my lips are watering.

I love that all day long my job is to think about furthering the Kingdom of God and figuring out how to do that practically. I love thinking about how to plant churches. How to raise up leaders. How to properly do evangelism. How to depend on the spirit. Where to stretch and let go and where to hold on. I love these things more than anything else I've studied... And I cant wait to teach it.

Anyone out there study missions theory. Have any good places for me to start? I just picked up "An Introduction to the Science of Missions" by J.H. Bavinck. And I'm stoked to see where I can get started.