rubbing shoulders with giants

i've been friggin busy lately
pursuing two graduate degrees in two hemispheres as my "side job" and keeping ministry as my focus has kept me busy. joyfully busy as its all stuff I love... but so as to not neglect the family this blog has seen more neglect.

anyhow. i'm on furlough in a wonderful 2nd world country (yea i know those don't technically exist) nearby where we live. i'm staying in a place specifically designed for folks in my line of work to have babies and get some rest from the craziness. i'll be here for two months as my wife is due for baby number two in no time.

anyhow i'm meeting people who are in ministry in the most awful parts of the world and God is working. i love hearing these stories. our God is a powerful God. and he works among people who have never heard his name. who have difficulty pronouncing the word jesus or even anything similar to it. who cant read and write. who are still without electricity, running water etc...

God works. Jesus' name is being made known. and i'm getting to meet these people.

love it. it's so encouraging.

and if any of it was legal i would share it with you.