Gaping leg wound.

My wife and I were in the pharmacy yesterday at around 5pm when a man
walked in and sat down on the windowsill looking for some medicine for
a large gaping bloody wound on his leg. My wife pointed him out and
the ladys at the pharmacy simply told him they could no nothing for
him and left him alone.

I insisted he needed to go to a hospital but he explained he could not
afford it. We walked to the community hospital down the street at my
urging and they said they could no thing for him. I raised my voice
and finally got a doctor to help us find a taxi and point us in the
right direction. We then went a big hospital a few miles away. They
were also insistent that they could do nothing for him as they do not
have a center for skin or burns. So they sent us in an ambulance to
the main hospital downtown to get checked out.

Finally on arriving at the main hospital they seemed to know what to
do and put the man in a bed and at cleaned the wound a little bit
before the doctor who would know what to do could come down and take a
look. It turns out the man burned himself 9 days before but because he
had no money had done nothing about it. He is a widower and his son
lives in another town a long ways away and he has no contact with him.

Today I was told the wounds are third degree wounds and he will need a
skin graft. The hospital insists the cheapest they can do this is in
two operations for a total of $3,500. During that time he will need to
stay in the hospital for around a month which could be as much as
another $3,500 (as its around $150 per day to address his wounds

He needs the operation ASAP for the skin graft. The doctor says the
longer they wait the more difficult it could be to do the operation
and have the new skin take.

I don't know how to process this. I cant process this. I don't have
the money to give $7000 away by tomorrow. I'm talking with some local
channels to try to bring the money together but I have no idea how
this is going to work. Please be praying. I'm overwhelmed and its not
like we can just not help the guy. And if we don't pay they will just
put him back out on the street. I don't want that to happen.