Life. Trips home. And why

Today I challenged a local friend of mine to take over the work I've been doing here. I'm excited that he's interested although it's at least a year in the figure yet. He's a good guy and will likely do an excellent job. Unfortunately the way I've crafted the position makes it near impssible for a lay person to take over (as opposed to a full time worker). So there are kinks to work out. But whatever the case this is without a doubt a step in the right direction.

In less than four days I'll be on a plane back to America. And that's always exciting. You know they have donuts, Mexican food and delicious delicious beer there? (the second delicious added for good measure)

A week from Monday I'll know if my next kiddo is a boy or a girl and in just over 4 weeks and trips to 4 states I'll be back here.

If you think of it keep me in your prayers. I don't travel too well. Which means I chose the wrong description. But whatever.

Today was our last ministry event for the year and included a trip to the country side, peaches, a mountain hike, sweat, and my baby throwing up all over the car on the way there. Some blessings come in the strangest packages and smell of the oddest things. My God loves me good.

P.s. This is my first post from my iPhone and may have some formatting issues.