If pot were legalized would you smoke it?

This video was posted on digg or some other site that popped up in my RSS reader. It was actually pretty amusing.

I've always wondered if I would do pot if it was legalized. I think my answer is no. But not that I have any problem with the drug inherently, I more fear being rejected at a job I feel like I'm supposed to take when they ask me what weird drugs I've done.

One of the things this video addresses is whether or not marijuana is a gateway drug to other hard drugs. I kind of think its a ridiculous argument. If anything a kid goes from pot to harder stuff because he's already outside the law and knows drug dealers. If pot was legalized it would be harder to make the jump because it would be from within the law to outside of it.

People don't consider cigarettes or tobacco a gateway drug to marijuana even though its much more similar and that's because one is legal and the other just isn't.

Anyhow, I'm curious of any of you have thoughts on this.