Hunger and thirst for righteousness - On satisfaction (Matthew 5:6)

"Blessed are those who hunger and thirst ​for righteousness, for they shall be satisfied." - Matthew 5:6

I was talking with a friend who just started reading a new book. I want to say it was by Piper but I cant remember for sure. Apparently the opening of the book is something along the lines of how we can never find satisfaction in what we do. We can find it in seeking God for his attributes, we cannot find it anything we desire except for God Himself.

It's difficult to desire God Himself simply because He gives us so many good things. So we end up desiring His gifts instead of Him.

In a brief look through the NASB this verse (and the equivalent in Luke) seem to be the only places the New Testament talk about satisfaction in a way other than "they ate and were satisfied."

I think it's interesting that satisfaction comes to those who hunger and thirst for righteousness. At first I figured this probably meant that we would be satisfied in the sense that we would find righteousness. But that's probably not where it ends. If we find righteousness then we will find satisfaction because we will be right before God. This is what we're called to do and what He has offered.

Now in my search for satisfaction I have looked to fame, internet fame (which I'm still embarrassed about), alcohol, sex, respect among peers and elders, and just about every other human desire you can imagine. So how often do I hunger and thirst for righteousness? Not too often.

Lord I want to seek righteousness. I want to desire YOU and not all these other things that don't satisfy. Lord the only desire I can be sure of that isn't sinful is my desire to desire something not sinful. For that I need you.