Giving a cup of cold water (Matthew 10:42)

"And ​whoever gives one of ​these little ones even a cup of cold water because he is a disciple, truly, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward." - Matthew 10:42

Okay I just got done reading this and laughing because this seems like Biblical evidence to drink cold rather than warm water. I live in a place where everyone drinks warm water (no matter how warm it is outside) and thinks it's downright bad for you to drink cold water. So HA!

But that aside. I'm thinking about giving. A friend of mine (we'll call him Steve) has a wonderful story of trying to give to a friend of his. Steve is an American guy who has lived here a few years longer than me. A while back a Christian friend of his had his bike stolen and it was his sole means of transportation - and expensive to replace.

Steve had another friend who had recently left the country and left behind his brand new beautiful and expensive bike. Steve decided he wanted to give this bike to his friend because he had no need for it. Unfortunately in this culture it's just downright bad form to give an expensive gift to someone who could not afford to pay you back. They would feel obliged to pay you back and then always feel at your mercy.

So Steve took the bike and rode it outside the city to a big construction site. He picked it up and threw into the dust, rubble, and cement. He picked up rocks and threw them at the bike and purposefully scraped a good portion of the paint off it till the bike looked old as though it was falling apart even though it was new. Then he rode the bike to his friends house and asked him to come out.

Steve said, "Here, I have a friend who just left the country and left this bike behind, it's not a very nice bike, but I thought you could use it since yours was recently stolen."

His friend stood there and stared at the bike and walked around it inspecting it and then finally said, "What happened this bike?! Something terrible must have happened, I have never seen a bike look so bad in my whole life."

Anyhow, he accepted the gift and I'm sure never felt the need to repay Steve. This is that gift of a cold cup of water. I'm sure Steve "will by no means lose his reward" for giving generously even though there were weird cultural things that got in the way.

My prayer is that we know how to give those in need good gifts. Lord open my eyes to know where I can help my friends and those in need.

(p.s. this all of a sudden seems odd in light of my last post, but I assure you it was mere coincidence that this is what I was reading and pondering this morning)