Get to know the real Roger - asking for Prayer and Support

So here's the deal. Maybe you've been reading my blog for a while. Maybe you used to read my blog and then when I switched to tumblr you stopped reading my blog and you're not reading this right now... in which case you wouldn't be you... so never mind you.

But, if you've always been curious about why I blog anonymously and what I do this post is for you.

This may fail miserably but I saw BibleDude pull off something similar for his kid's diabetes deal, so I thought it worth a try. We're in the process of raising more support for kid number 2 on the way. If you would be interested in finding out who I really am, where I really do ministry, and then sending prayers our way or if you would be interested in giving to us financially (monthly or one time) send me an email at rogermugs at gmail dot com, and I'll get back to you with details.

We send out monthly updates of what's going on, this generally includes pictures as well as all the interesting stories I'd love to share on this blog but anonymity keeps me from doing so. For instance this month's includes a story of a teacher of mine talking about skinning and eating rats as a child.

Keep in mind if you're just interested in praying for us you are also welcome. We need all the prayer we can get in what we do.