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This is bad form for someone to switch twice like this. But I decided the problem I had with tumblr was losing my permalinks and therefore a lot of traffic. When people don't find my site through Google they tend to not find my site. That is, I'm not spending much time commenting on other blogs these days so about 95% of my traffic comes from Google. When Google fails because of confusion after a switch... well... my hands were tied.

I really did like tumblr a lot. I also thought if I waited it out Google would link to my old posts on tumblr and traffic would pick back up. But I was wrong. I dunno if I've lost it forever or if it will return in my switch back to blogger but what can you do?

If you're considering starting a new blog. I highly suggest tumblr. But if you're stuck and need your permalinks. Welp. Stick to that. I actually want what I write to minister to people, and it does when people read it. But not so much when they dont.

Anyhow. I'm back on blogger and my tumblr imported posts have abnormal spacing, so they're ugly. But soon they'll be off the front page. So bear with me, and leave me a note if you notice a blaring hole/error in something in this new layout. It's not sexy but it gets the content across and that's whats more important to me these days.

So here's to hoping my undying (okay sort of wavering) confidence in Google soon pays off and Blogger gives me some decent updates. This is starting to feel like XP... wow did I just say that? Blogger you're OLD.