On interpreting tongues - e.g. your own

I just read an interesting post at Peter’s blog Gentle Wisdom where he’s talking about the interpretation of tongues. If you want to know more read his post. But the thing that got me thinking was this:

“Nevertheless 1 Corinthians 14:13 seems to suggest that one should pray for understanding of one’s own tongue, without restricting this to public meetings.”

Something I’ve never thought of before. People have asked me if I know what I’m praying for when I pray in tongues. I can only say that I thought I had an idea on a few occasions. But the thought of knowing what the Lord would be praying through me is fascinating. It would be like being able to see what the Lord has a heart for in prayer.

I’m gonna begin to ask for this I think. If you speak in tongues are able to interpret what you’re praying?